Krisztina Horvath


As a painter I have chosen for the abstract form, because it offers me the best tools to express myself. My work is intuitive and expressive. Movement, energy and gestures play an important role in my abstract artworks. Abstract expressionism, gestural abstraction and action painting define my work best. Themes that often return in my work are ‘time’ and ‘nature’ and how we as humans relate to them. My concern about the future of our planet stimulates me to make expressive pieces of art that reflect my inner thoughts and feelings on this issue. Oriental art and art inspired by Zen offer great inspiration. I like to make Zen Studies and when painting them, I keep in mind the seven characteristics of Zen Aesthetics written down in the book ‘Zen and the Fine Arts’ by Shin’ichi Hisamatsu. I am strongly influenced by abstract painters such as Willem De Kooning, Cy Twombly, Joan Mitchell, Kazuo Shiraga, Asger Jorn. Painting is my core business and I favor working with acrylic and oil, but I also like to use all kinds of media like ink, graphite, charcoal, soil, paper, oil-bar, household.